I can't hear you - your pants are on

by JurgeeFix

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ez Reggae 03:00
Happy 02:38
Well I want to Know Where have I been all my life Cause I can’t recall me ever being there And I want to know Where have I been all this time I just sat around in my underwear I slammed my head In the Bathroom Door It may be sad – But I’m bored & I’m HAPPY, HAPPY HAPPY I am so Damn Happy . . that I Force Myself to watch MTV Slightly fearful for my sanity Scraping Dimes for my Lobotomy So proud to be a Neilson Family I slammed my head In the Bathroom Door It’s kind of sad – But I’m bored & I’m HAPPY, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY
Sat Around 03:31
New Realization The time has come, to reach a new realization 'tween me and you, time to clear the rumors, sensations, and things that just are not true. Well I thought I heard you behind me, with a knife poised for my back. It's quite clear that I'm back in the swing of the living, although I might not be on the right track. Oh, thought I might drown but it’s hard to keep a good man down Time's where I'll find you, through some ill-guided hand. Although I never listen girl, I damn well understand. And you think, I'm so damn feeble. I can't see through your lies, your just a crock of shit, with a pretty smile, and I refuse to compromise. Oh, you give me such a heavy, heavy, heavy load. You may hold some vision of truth, if truth can be found in a lie. Maybe some grain of inspiration, for a song that's deep inside. Oh, tears running down your face, You’re Screaming look me in the eye. Well I'm looking straight at your twisted face, and it's enough to make me cry. Oh, passions they're for those that want to, pay the price of loving you, in more ways than one. Wrapped around your finger, but I think my time has come, but I never can be too sure, cuz I like to have a little fun. Oh, what fun it would be to blow my mind and fall into the sun. A mind is a precious thing to taste.
So tell me, Whats your name? I unload this Silence again. And you wont see the way, you'll just sit in silence again. Because people, they will be what they will, and People their all thrills, Cus People there so F_N funny man & some people they dont give a damn. It's time to take the longer way - Have you seen the ocean lately? and i dont ever wanna go but i know when i do - Tell me what will people say about you? People are damn funny man & people take when they can. Inside the colored eyes that glow, the eyes that know it when i call your name. Nobody ever remembers - the happy times or golden days. Cus People are so F_N funny man & People are so Phony Man Somebody else is in your shoes, think about it, think about, somebody else in your shoes, Saturdays cant come to soon, cus people are so damn funny man, when their done theyll return what they can. And people are so fucked up man. . .Demanding more & more, I wanted more, wanting more and wanting more. Will you be grateful for what you have? I know its hard for me some days, watch them go with their hands open - always wanting more of the same - now So remember when you're looking at these eyes, remember you taught me to play and Remember how to hold on, to hold on one more day
Make U Stay 03:28
Objection ~ 03:38
Becoming Me 02:34
Growing Up 02:32
I actually wrote these lyrics over 10 years ago and think most people can relate; as Life can be difficult. It ain't always easy living ! And "Family is what we are" and yet so hard to manage all the different personalities and dynamics within Family. Just look at the divorce rate in America. FAMILY =Difficult = ?


Some New, Some Old, and Some Revised Songs. Recorded in a garage with a Boss BR-600 & 1963 Fender Musicmaster Electric Guitar. I myself am doing all instruments you hear


released June 12, 2016


all rights reserved



JurgeeFix California

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